A Profitable Partnership: How YouTube Can Re-Revolutionize Personal Publishing

We've heard much speculation, rhetoric, and hyperbole about blogs killing newspapers, mp3s replacing CDs, new media replacing old. While some of it is vastly exaggerated, there's enough truth of it to have many industries scared and scrambling to respond. Cable networks NBC and Fox(via parent company News Corp) have announced plans to build a rival to YouTube, offering their own television shows and feature films on an ad-supported site, partnering with Google competitors Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. While the success of the partnership and the service itself remains dubious, it would allow NBC and Fox to regain some small measure of control over their own content and traditional domain of professional, episodic television and full-length film. What it cannot hope to reproduce however, is the user-generated content frenzy of YouTube.

Innovation in E-mail

E-mail is the oldest form of what we think of as online communications. But even as the physical platforms e-mail is delivered on have gone from room-sized to pocket-sized, its usefulness and ubiquity remain greater than ever. In recent years, many have questioned whether e-mail’s evolution has hit a stopping point, if this technological dinosaur may be going the way of, well, the dinosaurs. This entry’s first part takes a look at the recent history of innovation in e-mail to provide you with an understanding of where we are now. The second part will take a look at what still … [Read the rest »]


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