Social Strategist Updates and Google Blog Feeds

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I’m currently working on a few post ideas, one of which is a round-up/comparison/analysis of social lending tools, which is taking a while to write due to extra research into the financial aspects. If you have personal experience with these tools or if you’re a master(or even journeyman) of financial knowledge, please leave a comment if you’d like to help out.

I’m also doing more work with RSS editors. The very kind Paul McDonald, a product manager at Google, sent me an invite to try out Google Mashup Editor, and so I’m learning how to use that tool while still … [Read the rest »]

Valleywag Bashing, Mobile Marketing Shirts, and Search Safety

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“Valleywag will write *anything*”: – In this hilarious interview of Jason Calcanis, he explains how Valleywag’s absolute “lack of journalism ethics”: can be used to provide free marketing or a smokescreen for your new product launch. Oh, and by the way, he’s launching “Mahalo”: It’s obviously pretty one-sided, but you can’t argue with the results he received.

“Like my shirt? Text me for more info.”: – From Mashable’s web 2.0 firehose I found this intriguing company combining t-shirt sales, marketing, and mobile Internet. Reactee does “t-shirt marketing”: by printing your company’s logo/slogan, a text keyword, and a number to text … [Read the rest »]

Newspapers, Wikis, and Nations

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“The Future of Newspapers: 10 Obvious Things”: – Ryan Sholin and I are clearly on the same page. His list tells newspapers who they need to stop *blaming* and what they need to start *doing* to get to a profitable future. Now I wish someone would write a list explaining to bloggers why newspapers *have* a future. Hmmm.. maybe I should do that?

“Wikis… in plain english”: – In this excellent video explanation, CommonCraft explains what wikis are in a way that anyone(not just any techie) can understand. It’s a follow-up to their even better video, “RSS in Plain English”:, … [Read the rest »]

More Signal, Less Noise: The Power of RSS Mashups

First, an Overview of Services

Yahoo! Pipes (Beta)

A list of options on Yahoo! Pipes for creating web mashups.When Yahoo! Pipes launched, there was much buzz in the blogosphere about a new, powerful tool that let users express ultimate control over how they used their feeds. Tim O’Reilly called it “a milestone in the history of the internet”. And yet, since then, there have been few public proclamations of the power of Pipes. It’s an extremely flexible tool, one with great potential. But it suffers from two key flaws:

  1. It’s technically intimidating, too much so for a layman. It may be “drag and drop”, but remember that even the most
[Read the rest »]

Commentary, Quick Links, and Follow-Ups

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“Google Face Search”: – The Search Engine Herald writes about Google adding “image types” to its image search, currently just two: “face”, and “news”. Earlier today I came across “this image[NSFW]“: from Google Maps street-view on “reddit”:, and in the comments users like FCI were asking how people found these images? While searching for “face”-type images wouldn’t have found *that* particular photo, I do wonder what sort of location-based people-finding apps we could create using “face”-type search, the streetview data, Flickr, and other sites that integrate location data with their images.

Quick Links

“ – The Unofficial Facebook Blog”: – … [Read the rest »]

Commerce, Communications, and Computers

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“Cure to Age-Old Retail Woe Found Online”: – As someone who used to work in retail, I can tell you from experience that nothing is worse for business than bad weather. But according to Hitwise, in the U.K. at least, bad weather isn’t stopping people from shopping, it’s just taking their shopping online. Yet another reason for every business to make sure their customers know they have a web presence.

“Most popular online radio site acquired by first company to broadcast commercial radio”: – CBS has acquired With the future of “independent online radio stations in jeopardy”:, it is … [Read the rest »]

Photo-sharing Lessons and Questions

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“Photos: private or public? SmugMug adds a third option.”: – Riyad Kalla at The “Break It Down” Blog has written a review of a new feature on the photo-sharing site SmugMug, a paid-account-only photo sharing site that many view as an alternative to “Flickr”: or “Zooomr”: (which plans on launching Zooomr Mark III shortly after 10 PM EST tonight). SmugMug users were complaining that they weren’t always comfortable with absolutely anyone being able to access their photos, but at the same time didn’t want to limit their audience to only the people they had already given a password too. SmugMug … [Read the rest »]

Social Networks and Blogging: The Chasms and Bridges

What’s the difference between a social network and blogs or a blogging service? One is for your *friends*, the other is for your *audience*. The key difference is that one group already knows you(it’s easy to replace “friends” with “coworkers”, “family”, “neighbors”, etc). Pure social networking services like “hi5″: and “”: are made for connecting with your friends, family, and miscellaneous contacts. Pure blogging services like “TypePad”: and “”: are for publishing content that’s available to anyone. But either service can be connected to anything on the Internet, because the true “killer-app” of the web, the hyperlink, lets me send … [Read the rest »]

Local Video Opportunities

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“60% Watch Video Online”:, “70% Surf for Local Shopping”: – Two reports from the Kelsey Group that combine to prove once again how important the web is becoming at every level of business: home, local, national, or global. In this case, as the effectiveness of TV advertising “declines”:[Reg. Req.], local businesses would be better suited by improving their online presence. Online video could replace commercials for local businesses, not only making it cheaper for them to advertise, but also making it more effective for consumers and businesses alike, as they discover the power of conversations that the Internet makes possible. … [Read the rest »]

Facebook Platform and Google Security: Update Edition

Google has already made a security company acquisition, and many still don’t understand how Facebook is changing the way Social Networks do business. I’ll move on to new topics soon, but first I want to follow up on two of my previous posts with more links, more commentary, and more discussion. If you want, you can skip straight to the “Facebook Platform Update”:#Facebook%20Platform%20Update.

Google Security Already Acquiring

When I first wrote “Google Enters the Security Market”:, I predicted they would “buy the expertise they need both to complement their knowledge of search, and possibly to enter the desktop security market”. … [Read the rest »]

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