Boston’s Best Conference, BarCamp Boston, This Weekend

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This Saturday and Sunday, April 9th & 10th, BarCamp Boston 6 is happening at Microsoft NERD in Kendall Square. It’s Boston’s geek unconference, an event where 350 – 400 of Boston’s most passionate and interesting people, from students to CEOs, get together for two days of intriguing sessions, excellent conversations, and free food. Unlike many conferences with expensive tickets, prearranged speakers, and an invite-only mentality, BarCamp is free to attend, open to everyone, and available for anyone to present at.

We schedule sessions live each day at the event, with anyone who would like to host a discussion or make a presentation on something they think their fellow attendees would be interested in able to check for interest and make it happen. Some of the things people are already thinking about presenting:

  • Collaboration, Cooperation, Independence and Self-Sufficiency: Not a paradox
  • Cross Platform Development for Unity
  • The Idea Supercollider – Where Mind Mapping Meets Social Networking
  • Islamic representations of androids, cyborgs, and AI.
  • Figuring out the correct pricing model for your idea/product

I’ve been attending BarCamps since I moved to Boston, starting with BarCamp Boston 2 in 2007, and helping out since then. This year it’s been a privilege to head up organization of the event. I can’t emphasize enough what kind of value BarCamp has added to my life in the connections I’ve made and the fun experiences I’ve had. Whether you’re a startup founder, a freelancer, a student, a scientist, a developer, an artist, or an academic… hope to see you at BarCamp Boston 6.