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I’d love for you to be in an exotic location. Some place like Tahiti, Morocco, Zanzibar. Just in case you’re here in Boston (where the weather hasn’t been too shabby lately) with me, I wanted to let you know about a couple of events coming up, and a little about what’s going on with myself.

Boston Tech Events

First, POPSignal is a party “aimed at bringing together the local tech community in a fun and informal environment. There is no format, presentations, or speeches. However, there is always a *free open bar, free food, music, fun activities from sponsors, and great conversation.*” It’s happening May 15th, and you should RSVP ASAP or you’ll be SOL.

Then May 17th & 18th is BarCampBoston3, an unconference with just as much networking but some good presentations, demos, and discussions too. What’s an unconference? It means that the basic organization(setting the dates, finding a venue, finding sponsors) have been done by organizers, but the content of the conference is driven by the attendees. There will be a schedule of timeslots and rooms available, to be filled the morning of. Hopefully I’ll see you present! Maybe you’ll see me present?

My Boston Tech Life

I’ve been in Boston for over a year now, and have been writing Social Strategist a bit longer. I’ve completed a re-design of the site to make it cleaner, smoother, and now even have a headshot of myself up top… staring at you while you read. I’d like to update more often, but the best ones come when I’m not forcing myself to write something; and I’d hate to waste your time with anything but the best.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of entries, I’m also working on a startup, with two co-founders: Chris Mela and Andrew Trese. News Armada is a startup that wants to bring online news out of its infancy, based on the philosophy that there’s too much information with too little meaning. We’re planning to build the single best source of news, commentary, and community online. We hope to have a prototype by early June; if you’d like to hear more before then, hopefully I’ll see you at POPSignal or BostonBarCamp3, or you can get in touch and we’ll grab a coffee.

Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy Social Strategist!