+ WebEx?

Mike Arrington says Cisco may have acquired, a “video annotation and deep tagging service”. I hope that rumor is true, because some exciting ideas crossed my mind that I think Cisco could implement if it took’s technology and applied it to WebEx vido conferencing.

When GMail was first announced, one of the most revolutionary ideas it brought to the mainstream was the idea of never having to delete an e-mail again. That, combined with GMail’s -tagging- ‘label’ing features and fantastic search capabilities, has made it possible for the average user to store every e-mail they’ve ever received, still have easy access to it years later, and(with a little foresight and planning with labels) have it sorted into meaningful contexts.

For business-people and office users, those benefits are even greater. Imagine what it would be like to have that kind of organization and context applied to business video conferences. It would mean that a communications medium vastly more powerful than e-mail could be organized, analyzed, and enhanced just as e-mail can be.

From’s archived version of “Click.TV is a new user interface for web video that lets users click to discover what’s inside a video instantly, and even share their thoughts about the action. It does this by enabling video producers and users to add comments to points inside a video.”

Just some quick thoughts. I’m sure John Chambers has a much clearer vision of’s potential than I do.