Valleywag Bashing, Mobile Marketing Shirts, and Search Safety

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“Valleywag will write *anything*”: – In this hilarious interview of Jason Calcanis, he explains how Valleywag’s absolute “lack of journalism ethics”: can be used to provide free marketing or a smokescreen for your new product launch. Oh, and by the way, he’s launching “Mahalo”: It’s obviously pretty one-sided, but you can’t argue with the results he received.

“Like my shirt? Text me for more info.”: – From Mashable’s web 2.0 firehose I found this intriguing company combining t-shirt sales, marketing, and mobile Internet. Reactee does “t-shirt marketing”: by printing your company’s logo/slogan, a text keyword, and a number to text it(via SMS) to. When someone sees the shirt and texts the keyword, they get a message you’ve set in advance, and can change at anytime. This seems like a great way to generate buzz on the street(literally) about your product, and to take advantage of customer evangelism.

“State of Search Safety: May 2007″: – McAfee’s new study ranks the most popular search engines by the safety of their search results. Currently Google is 2nd, just behind AOL, and ahead of Ask, MSN, and Yahoo!. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change as “Google expands into the security market”: