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“Google Face Search”: – The Search Engine Herald writes about Google adding “image types” to its image search, currently just two: “face”, and “news”. Earlier today I came across “this image[NSFW]“: from Google Maps street-view on “reddit”:, and in the comments users like FCI were asking how people found these images? While searching for “face”-type images wouldn’t have found *that* particular photo, I do wonder what sort of location-based people-finding apps we could create using “face”-type search, the streetview data, Flickr, and other sites that integrate location data with their images.

Quick Links

“ – The Unofficial Facebook Blog”: – by “Nick O’Neill”:, “The Webpreneur”.

“Spyjax”: – A tool so creepy I won’t even visit the site personally. This will never be used on my site. Go read what “Mashable has to say about it”:


“Adobe/YouTube Partnership”: As I wrote before, a partnership between Adobe and YouTube makes a ton of sense. Further evidence is “Adobe integrating with Illustrator CS3″:, as a way for users to better find tutorials, examples, and other Illustrator resources. If many of your users, or, as I outline in “A Profitable Partnership”, potential users, are building a community on a 3rd party service, why would you *not* want to partner with that service?

“Zooomr Customer Bonding”: – While I would never advocate *expecting* a ‘return on investment’ or any other business-speak term to come out of connecting with your customers, as a quick lesson in what the benefits can be, check this out: Scoble is talking about “Zoho(a datacenter) and Sun(server and software giant) helping out Zooomr”:, whose server troubles have delayed the launch of their Mark III service upgrade. This would not have happened without the effort Zooomr has made to be transparent and friendly to the people in the area(online and off) around them.