Occasional Links: April 18th, 2007

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I’m happy to say I’ve gotten a job, and unhappy to say that these past few weeks it has sucked away virtually all of my free-time. I’m in the process of transitioning to a part-time position, but until then I’m unable to work on feature-length entries for longer than an hour at a time, making it difficult to really get into a workflow. This will hopefully be remedied soon, and until then, I’ll keep links coming to keep you interested.

Google Presentations – Nathan Weinberg at the Web 2.0 Expo brought to my attention a demo of the TonicPoint presentations software that Google just acquired, and also an excellent anecdote from the Q&A:

Asked by author and blogger John Battelle if Google’s enhanced Docs & Spreadsheets would compete with Microsoft Office, Schmidt said, “We don’t think so. It doesn’t have all the functionality, nor is it intended to have the functionality of products like Microsoft Office.”

“Come on! It’s a competitor to Microsoft Office,” Battelle said, prompting a round of applause from a concurring audience. “This provides (people) with a free alternative, which has got to be considered a threat” to Microsoft.

John Battelle himself hasn’t said anything specifically about that exchange on his own blog, instead letting the blogosphere cover it for him.

Mashable Exclusive: Facebook May Launch Classifieds – A decision I’d classify both as “no-brainer” and “should have been done already”(along with professor ratings), is whether to launch local classifieds on Facebook. Mashable says they’re considering it, supported by a survey sent to certain users that gauges interest. Newspaper classifieds could soon have another major competitor.

More links later, right now I have to go to work.

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